Week 9
4/19/04 - Not much to tell.  Toby's morphine was weaned again today.  He didn't seem to
4/18/04 - Still going strong!  He was off CPAP for a long time yesterday and so today he is
really tired.  He slept hard most of the day.  We tried to give him a bottle but he wanted
nothing to do with it.  Oh well, we'll have to try another day.  
4/17/04 - Not a lot of news today, except that Toby is 5 lbs now double his birth weight!  
Very exciting.  His morphine was weaned again today.  Getting low!
4/16/04 - Bath day!  Toby's third bath.  He liked this one as well.  He just floated quietly in
the water while we washed his stinky little feet.  He also got his first immunizations.  He
was a little fussy this morning but nothing too bad.
4/15/04 - Tax day!  Toby didn't seem to notice.  Today they decreased his morphine again
and he will spend the day on oxygen rather than CPAP.  We did another kangaroo
session which was very hard to end.  He was so peaceful and warm.  He also got his first
feed from a bottle!  After a few minutes of getting used to the bottle he started to really
suck it down.  He took 12 ml then fell asleep.  Yea, Toby!
4/14/04 - Toby was back on the CPAP this morning.  He went back on at 1:00 am, so he
made it 12 hours.  The night nurse said he was working very hard to breathe and he lost
a little weight.  So he's not ready for full time oxygen...... yet!  That's okay.  So he will go
back to getting breaks from the CPAP.  He got a nice break this morning and his first
kangaroo session.  We both enjoyed that a lot.
4/13/04 - Today they decided to let Toby off the CPAP for as long he is able to handle it.  
So he went onto regular oxygen at 1:00.  When we left him at 9:00 he was still going
strong.  That's 8 hours off CPAP in a row!  His morphine was decreased again - only
about 6 more weans and he'll be off.  That will be great.