Week 8
4/12/04 - Toby is 2 months old today!!!  He got longer breaks from the CPAP, I think
nearly 3 hours.  He was pretty squirmy the whole time.  It seems like he is used to CPAP
and the new oxygen prongs really bug him.  And then when he gets used to them he
goes back to CPAP.  His morphine was weaned yesterday so he's more awake and
that's probably contributing to the squirming activity.  He made more noise today than
he has before, so it seems that his voice is coming in more.  His silent cries are pretty
4/11/04 - All is well again today.  Toby was off CPAP for 2 hours today with no problems.  
Good boy!  We held him the whole time, and that was so nice.  He is starting to really hate
the feeding tube but there's nothing we can do about that yet.  And he STILL has no
voice!  He makes some squeeks now and then, but mostly he's silent.  I am sure we will
have plenty of noise soon enough, though.
4/10/04 - Today was a pretty great day for the T man (okay maybe it was more great for
us than him....)  He got to spend an hour off the CPAP and on regular old oxygen.  He did
great - no desaturations.  He also got another bath and a visit from Grandma and
Grandpa Glick!
4/9/04 - Toby's morphine was decreased again today.  Otherwise all is well and no big
changes again.
4/8/04 - No news today again.  Yawn.
4/7/04 - No news today.  But boring is good!  We did add a weight chart today, though,
for anyone who needs a new info fix...
4/6/04 - Today Toby's morphine dose was decreased another 10%.  He didn't seem real
cranky about it though.  Other than that he's just eating, sleeping and growing like a real
baby.  The CPAP doesn't seen to bug him most of the time, and he's up to 4.5 pounds -