Week 19
6/23/04 Toby is home!  We were released this afternoon.  Toby came home on oxygen,
an oximeter, a feeding pump, and 5 medications.  So we will have our hands full.  
Josey is very curious and a little worried about all the activity.  She runs over to sniff,
then runs away.  Soon though they will be old pals.
This is the end of the daily diary.  We will continue to update the site with news and
pictures as they happen.  We all want to thank everyone for all their hard work, good
wishes, and prayers.  It all paid off as Toby is doing very well.
6/22/04 Toby had his final ROP exam today.  All is fine, which we already suspected.  
His G tube incision is inflamed and maybe a little infected, so he is pretty unhappy
when we clean it and dress it.  Such is normal in G-tube life.  Between crying when we
clean his site and the ROP test, he was pretty worn out tonight.