Week 12
5/10/04 - Toby is three months old today!  Wow!  It's hard to believe so much time has
gone by, yet at the same time, it seems like he's been in the hospital for much
5/9/04 - Toby celebrated mothers day by not pooping on me while I changed his diaper.  
Thanks, Toby!  He also gave me a beautiful card.  Otherwise all is the same.  He nippled a
whole feed again too.
5/8/04 - Toby is 7 lbs!  That's one pound weight gain in one week!!!  Holy moly.  We hope
he will fit the carseat by the time he goes home!  He celebrated this feat by staying awake
for many hours this morning and nippling an entire feed.  Good boy.
5/7/04 - Today Toby got another bath.  Two baths in a week, very exciting.  He really
enjoys soaking in the warm water.  Today he went to sleep even!
5/6/04 - Toby is still good.  It is great to go see him doing well every day...
5/5/04 - Cinco de mayo!  Ole!  Today Toby had another ROP exam.  The first exam
showed stage 1 retinopathy.  The second (two weeks ago) showed it was stage 2.  
Today he is still stage 2, with little or no progression.  Absolutely great news!  They will
check him again in 2 weeks.
5/4/04 - Toby had his first hearing exam today and he passed with flying colors.  Yeah,
Toby!  And he had another chest Xray, the first one in a month.  His chest looks much
clearer than it did before.  Nobody grimaced this time.  He is healing up... he just needs to
work on decreasing that oxygen and he can go home.  Tomorrow he has another
followup ROP exam.  Hope that is improving.