Week 11
5/3/04 - Toby finally got a bath!!!!!  Man howdy was he stinky!!!!!  He enjoyed the warm
water and when it was over he was wiped out.  Too much excitement.  He slept pretty
soundly the rest of the night.
5/2/04 - Not a lot of news today.  Toby is doing well.  Mom and Dad had a fabulous baby
shower today.  Toby will be happy to see all the things he got!
5/1/04 - The news story was on last night.  We haven't seen the tape yet but heard it was
good.  Here's a link to the story on the KIRO website:
http://www.kirotv.com/health/3256936/detail.html.  Toby is doing great - he is 6 pounds
now!  Just like a real newborn!  He has nearly outgrown his smallest outfit.  Amazing....
4/30/04 - Today we weighed Toby before and after his breastfeeding session and he
gained 16 grams!  So he managed to get a half an ounce - good job Toby!  He was also
very fussy after it was over, rejecting the binky and crying.  I think he wanted more food
but was too tired to work for it.  He was as cranky as when we first started weaning the
morphine!  I wonder when the talk of going home will start to get serious....
4/29/04 - STILL no bath!  What a dirty little kid.  Not much news today.  Toby is just eating
and growing.  He slept well all day except when it was time to eat.  He also learned how
to breast feed, finally!  He's been attempting it for a while but today it really clicked.  Don't
know if he got any milk or not, but he did well and was comfortable with it.  The rest of
the day he was fed through his tube.
4/28/04 - Well, we had to cancel Toby's bath last night.  Maybe tonight he can de-stinkify.  
He seems to be doing fine without the morphine - no crankier than usual.  They also
discontinued his diruetics and sodium chloride supplements.  So now all he takes are
the super stinky preemie vitamins and some iron.  And, last night he took two feeds from
a bottle - good boy!  He gets closer and closer to going home.
4/27/04 - Toby is coming clean today - no more morphine!!!  He has been on morphine for
nearly 70 days.  Nice to know he won't need it anymore.  Tonight he will be getting a bath
as well.  He is getting pretty stinky.