Week 10
4/26/04 - Toby drank 30 ml from a bottle again.  He is getting better and better at this
bottle feeding stuff!  But he still has a lot of feeds he sleeps through or is too cranky to
take the bottle.  Someday...
4/25/04 - Toby has 'graduated' to newborn plus!  I don't know what that means, except
that he has a different set of doctors looking after him now.  And when babies reach
newborn plus status, they are on the home stretch towards getting out of that darn
hospital!  His morphine was weaned again today.  Last one!  He will be clean in two days.
 What a long haul.
4/24/04 - Today we did the March of Dimes walk.  We raised 3000 dollars for preemie
research and treatment.  Thank you to everyone who donated.  It was a nice day and a
great walk.  Toby did great today as well.  He drank almost an entire feeding from a bottle
- 35 ml in all!  Little guy must have been starving!  Go Toby!
4/23/04 - Toby is still off the CPAP.  In fact, today they took it away!  No more CPAP for
Toby - good for you!  No TV cameras today, but it was still a good day.  Morphine was
weaned again - we're getting very close to the end of the morphine, which is nice.  Last
night he got the last of his 2 month vaccinations, and he took 5 ml from a bottle.  Today
he wasn't in the mood to try the bottle.  But maybe again tonight....
4/22/04 - What an exciting day Toby has had!  This morning he was filmed for a news
story about kangaroo care on KIRO-7.  Toby was a very gracious host and performed
well for the camera.  We don't know when it will air, but hopefully we will get a copy of
the show on tape.  
He also had another ROP exam and it was good.  He still has a little bit of abnormality in
his retinas but the doc believes they will go away on their own.
4/21/04 - Toby was still off CPAP this morning!  He's gone over 24 hours.  Perhaps that's
the end of CPAP for him.  We'll just keep our fingers crossed.  He looks good and isn't
struggling hard to breathe.  He's still on oxygen prongs, but they are much easier to deal
with than the CPAP mask.  He's also getting his morphine weaned again today.  
4/20/04 - Toby was taken off CPAP at 5 am and was still going along fine at 10 pm.  That's
a 17 hour stretch - a record!  Good job Toby.  He also drank 3 ml from a bottle, which is