Twin Falls.
A nice wooded walk up to some waterfalls.
Me and my shadow....
Getting started.  Toby
tomahawked me on the
shoulder and sassed at
me all the way up the
trail.  "Hurry up

Click on the picture to
see a movie of Toby
We saw
..... and some really cool mossy trees.  (what the
world needs now, is moss, sweet moss....
An eagle scout project along the trail.  A scout built
a fence around an old growth tree to protect it.  It's
hard to understand how big this tree is from the
picture, but trust me it's huge!
The lower falls.  This
waterfall is incredible.  
Click on the picture for
a much bigger view.  
You can see a bridge
way at the top that
spans the falls.  It
crosses right near the
upper falls.
Here we are at the falls.
 The mist was hitting us.
And here's the bridge.
At the beach at the trailhead.  A nice
drink of water is really refreshing for
a little guy after a hard day's work!