Toby Mail
Lori Walton:
Hello to the family,

It's got to be a relief after so long in the hospital.  But, I imagine
it's a little scary at times.

Hang in there everybody.

May God sit on your pillow, Toby.
Dug Behnke:
I've been watching your progress and wishing you well all along
(finally getting around to sending you a message).  Glad to hear that you're
doing so well!
Colleen Segroves:
Toby, Mommie and Daddy,
We wish you all joyous days.  I can tell that Jennifer is a lot happier.  It's so good to
be able to hold your baby Toby close in your arms without miles of gunk poking
him everywhere.  You all have come through a whole lot and have done well.  
God bless each of you and may God be beside you all the time.
Great Grandma Porter:
Good Morning Toby:

Isn't it wonderful to be home where there is peace and quiet and Josey.  How are the
two of you getting along? You know, Josey has been the center of attention all her
life. It will be a lifestyle change for her.  Soon the two of you can play in the backyard.
Wont that be fun?  

You take care and don't give Mom and Dad too much trouble.

Great Grandma
Rocio & Gonzalo:
Dear little Toby: Welcome Home!!! we are so glad you´re out of the hospital growing
and doing fine!!!!  Hope you keep on growing and making everyone happy.
Love from Venezuela!!!
Lisa Godina:
Toby how exciting for you to finally be HOME!  There will be
so much for you to discover.  New sounds, new smells, a new 4 legged
friend, new routines.  Enjoy all the adventures that await you.  Welcome
Teresa Hall:
Oh yippee yippeee yipppeee!!! Toby we are all doing the happy dance around the living
room!!!! we just read that you are home!!! I know your folks must be thrilled!!!  But we are
gonna miss our daily 'Toby Fix' on your website.  Take care little buddy!!!! hugs and kisses
from all of us in Indy!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Debbie  (a Toby fan from N.Y.):
What a wonderful surprise when I read your diary this evening, Toby!  Prayers have finally
been answered and you are HOME where you belong!  Reading your diary has been the
first thing I do every morning and the last thing I do at night!  You are a special little boy
and I pray you will continue getting better and better!  You are an inspiration and loved
sweet Toby!
Cousin Suzanne:
What a fine day!!!  If I were closer, I'd sign up to baby sit.. What wonderful parents
you are...I wish the best for the three of you.  Much love,   Suzanne
Dave just said "the Eagle has landed!"
Enjoy the new digs, Tob. We'll see you soon!
Larry Barrett:
Welcome home Toby!!  Have fun turning your mom and dad's home into Casa Del
Marie Schultz:
Hi Sweet Little Toby!  Someday you will hate that I called you that but for a little while
we get to smother you with all sorts of public displays of affection without much
protest.  I have been
watching your day to day progress just as I watched my own "miracle baby" nearly 30
years ago.  As I read your website each morning and got the latest inside scoop from
your Grandma Belyea, I have held my breath, cried and laughed at the sense of humor
your wonderful parents have.  Grandma Belyea just let a little secret slip out about a
phone call she got from Grandpa Belyea in Seattle last night (something about
Jennifer holding a crying Toby while David was banging around in the kitchen fixing
hamburgers for supper?).  WONDERFUL NEWS TO HEAR YOU ARE FINALLY HOME!!!  
Now all that remains is to get settled into a routine and let Mom and Dad know who
runs the household, right?  And a little more growing wouldn't hurt, huh?  Before you
know it you will be bigger and stronger than your uncles Ryan and Curtis!!!  Love and
Hugs from MU,
dr jc:

I will miss seeing you tomorrow morning! But I am thrilled that you are
finally home. Hope to see you out at the playground someday soon...
Nurse Debbie, UW  (but really from ASU)
Hey Toby,

I have been gone for a month, so I've missed the month of May.  Sounds like you have been
keeping your Mom & Dad busy.  I even heard you are going home today!  Well, it is about
time!!  Don't keep your parents up ALL night.  Give them about 15 min here and there.
Mostly, I want to thank you for the T-shirt, lanyard and horns.  I wear the shirt PROUDLY, and
the horns fit my dog Pepper perfectly!  Josie would be jealous.  Don't abuse her too much.
Best wishes and love to your parents.  They are the bestest parents you could EVER get.
Love, Debbie
Hi Toby, We just got back from our fishing trip in Canada,
eh.  I just had to check in with your diary to see how your surgery
went.  I also had a message on my answering machine from your dad before
your went to surgery, so glad to hear you are eating and working on that
binky action!  It was scary to hear about the morphine episode though!  
Whew!  I'm glad I didn't see that!  We had a great fishing trip.  We
caught 4 salmon(22#, 20#, 15#, & 12#), 3 lingcod and 5 sea bass.  When we
got home Monday we spent all day cutting up fish and putting them in
seal-a-meal bags, then into the freezer they went.  The weather was sunny
and hot and the waters were calm even on the ocean.  We had a very good
time even though we didn't win the derby.  The winning King Salmon
weighed 47#!  Take care sweetie and get home soon.  Tell your daddy happy
father's day.  I love you all.   Your U.W. nurse Maggie
Dear Toby, I'm so happy that you are gettin the chance to
enjoy that special binky!!!  Tell your folks thanks again for keeping us
all informed via the web on your progress.  We are watching you grow
and get stronger every day little guy!!  Lots of hugs and kisses, Teresa
and the gang in Indy
Cousin Suzanne:
Right on, Toby!  
Love today's news...Bye-bye tubes....hello binky....You've made my day!  
Love,         Suzanne

It looks like you're doing better after your latest surgery, and that is wonderful. It's too
bad that you have had to go through all of this, but your parents have been making
sure all along that you have the best care possible. No one knows why you were born
so early, but I hope you know how loved you are. You have a lot to look forward to big


Lori Walton:
Your trials are almost unbelievable, Toby. God is with you.  
He must have special plans for you in the future. Keep up the good
fight.  Hopefully, it will soon be won.
Cari and Sara:
Poor Toby!  Sorry you're not feeling so hot right now.  You've done a great job
getting better after your surgeries so far.  We hope you feel better soon!
grandpa glick:
toby, your diary says today was really a tough day. so sorry to hear this but tomorrow
will be a better day. love
Cousin Suzanne:
Thinking about you all today and hoping that all goes well.  
Love,   Suzanne
Jennifer Belyea:

Good luck in surgery today.
Dear Toby,
Mom says you were very quiet today and a little less healthy. Hang in there.  
You've come so far and there are so many of us anxious to show you the world.  
Things will be better before long.

Love and more love,
Grandma Glick
Cousin Suzanne:
See that they give you a bite of cake, Toby....or soon, anyway....Progress sounds
good...keep it up.  Love ya, S