Toby Mail
Dear Toby,

I love the picture of you all wrapped up and sitting in a car seat looking
like you are ready to go home.  (Well, maybe it's a swing)Grandpa bought a new
car today, one that's big enough for you and mom and dad in the back seat.
Can't wait to have you in it.

Grandma Glick
Cousin Suzanne:
Good news this morning, Toby!  Keep up the good work.  Love you,
Robin Pressnall:
We are praying for you baby Toby!!! God loves you! Love, Robin and Dale Pressnall
grandpa glick:
Toby, your new pictures of you and Maggie in your sun devil outfits are great. soon
you will need a full sized outfit. good luck with the pulmonary
folks. love
Nurse Maggie:
Dear Toby,  I had an awful headache yesterday just trying not to think about you leaving.  I
sure am glad I was the one who got to take you on your journey to Children's Hospital
though.  I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to have taken you to a new scary place.  
Thank goodness your mommy got to go with us in the ambulance!  I went to work today
and for the first time since Feb. 16th I didn't take care of you, and it made me cry.  Lots of
other nurses asked me where you were, when they saw your empty crib (all made up and
waiting for your return!), and that made me cry again.  I read your mom's diary today and
talked to Dr. Woodrum to see how you are doing.  I know you are in the right place and
they will do exactly what you need to get you home sooner.  I hope you come back to us,
but if you don't I know that's what's best for you.   I know your mommy and daddy will do
what's going to get you home to that beautiful bedroom and loving home they have
waiting for you!!  So you do just what those Dr.'s say and get better real soon.  I love you
too!  Maggie, your Sun Devil/U.W. R.N.
Jennifer Belyea:
Way to grow Toby!
Colleen Segroves SPR Bichon Mom
Dear Toby and loved ones,
It seems unfair that such problems should affect one so tiny and innocent.  Having "been
there" with our middle son many years ago, I just want to let you know we understand the
tension, fear, breath holding, and prayer that come with each breath.  Our son had a life
expectancy for his entire 6 years, 6 months and 20 days of his life. It was a nightmare filled
with prayer. Now that we look back after many years, we are finally able to see the
blessings that came with him.   Other babies are more healthy, and alive today because he
lived.   We never know what God has in store for us or those we love.  Trust is a hard won
lesson in the middle of a nightmare, but it is the word of hope and love that most often
brings comfort and healing.  A very strict, very religious, very forbidding looking great Aunt
once told me to quit feeling sorry for myself and to store all the memories I could find.  
She'd lost several babies born with the cords wrapped around their necks.  With time I
learned that her words, while not especially comforting, proved to be strong medicine
when nothing else was available to helped.  That's when trusting in God's will is the thread
to hold onto.  

God bless Toby and all of you.  Keeping you in my prayers.

Colleen S.
Congratulations on your continued growth! You will soon be able to fully enjoy  the
great parents and grandparents you are lucky to have!

All best wishes to the new baby from some old (well older) Detroit friends.

Harriet & Alvin Saperstein
Dear Toby,
It was wonderful to be with you this week-end.  Hope you enjoy your new chariot
one day.  You are certainly turning into a chubby, normal looking baby boy.  Your
team is loving, devoted and competent.  Nobody can beat that combination!

Love to the whole team,
Grandma Glick
Chris Wierer:
It's been a tough few weeks, hasn't it little Toby?  Keep fighting
and we'll keep praying for you, your Mom and Dad and the rest of your family.
I  know in my heart that you will be back where you were in no time at all.
Love you Toby, Jennifer and Dave.
Toby, I'm sure you'll get over these minor setbacks soon. You're a fighter. I'd be mad too
if I had to stay in the hospital for so long! It sounds like the folks taking care of you are
all doing an excellent job.
Teresa & Dallas Hall in Indy:
Hi ya little guy! we just wanted to say hi and send u lots of luv!
We wanted you to know that your fan club way out here in Indiana is always
checking your website and watching you grow.  Tell your Mama hi for us and your
Grandma Paula too!  Keep on growin and getting strong...we gotta get u big
enough to wear a biker t-shirt!  Hugs and kisses.... Teresa and the gang.
Cousin Suzanne:
My dear Toby..You gained the seven pounds that I lost!!!  I wondered where they
went--Keep up the good work!  Love,    Suzanne
Dear Toby,

I was toodling around on your mommies website for you, and noticed an error...6 lbs
is only 0.023 Jimmys, not 0.03.  It is good to see mommy is still a smart ass.

Keep up the good work, and get home soon!!!

Uncle Jimmy
Aunt Suzy
Oh my gosh, look at your sweet peaceful tube free little face! Almost home kiddo, I can't
Lori Walton
Just checking up on you Toby.  Glad to see you're keeping up the good work.
Dear Toby and Mom and Dad, I start every morning with my Toby "fix",
and the news keeps getting better.  Loved your are a good-looking
lad!  Love to you all,   Cousin Suzanne