Toby Mail

It's been a long haul, kiddo. I'm glad you'll be home soon, for you and for your parents.

Dear Toby
The picture of you and mom kangarooing is so beautiful, I've made it my desktop
background.  Without a tube in your mouth, I bet you are beginning to speak up.  It won't
be long now.
Grandma Glick
Congratulations, Graduate!!!

I'm so proud of you, Toby and can't wait to hear the news that you're on the way home!!!
 Just say no to the morphine for the next few days and I'll bet you're outta there......I
love you, Aunt Jan
Hi, Tobes- i just can't believe how well you're doing! who needs a show to determine
the ultimate survivor.. you win!  you know what? the other day i thought, "i wish i
could lose 5 lbs." and then i thought, "THAT'S AN ENTIRE TOBY!" so, i decided that i'm
okay just the way that i am... thanks :)

Keep it up, littl' one. You're doing great.
xxoo (aunt) becky
Haven't seen your documentary yet, but you are definitely the best fundraiser in the
family.  Way to go!!!
Grandma Glick
Hey, Sweetie - I just read the latest and it sounds like you're giving up the CPAP...GOOD

(shhhh - i just heard some news!! you have a new family member - yup, it's true!. his
name's Jack for now - shhh, don't yell with excitement - we have to whisper. your
grammy belyea got him this morning and she told us all about him. i can't wait to see
pictures of you meeting him! hurry and get home so you and "jack" can snuggle.)

I'm not sure you're still going to want to speak to me since you're a big TV star but know
that I love you..
Aunt Jan
Lori Walton:
So, now you're a movie star!  So much happening in your life.  It's amazing that it hasn't
gone to your head.  Do be kind to your adoring public.
Grandma & Grandpa Belyea:
Hi Toby.  Everyday we look at your progress and the pictures of your sweet face and
everyday we smile with such joy and pride.  Some days Grandama cries because she is so
happy.  Keep going, little boy, and before you know it we will be playing on "our beach".  
Hugs and kisses through cyber space - we can't wait until we can kiss you for real.
Dear Toby...I would like to attend the ceremony when you are awarded the Emmy for best
documentary...Hooray for you!      Cousin Suzanne
That's the way to kick the habit, Toby!

Just say to no CPAP! (and morphine too).
Auntie Donna Mowery:
Hi Sweet Toby boy....
Keep up the good work on gaining weight....this is just what you are supposed to are looking good !!!!!  Blessings
Just got the word that you've reached 5 WHOLE POUNDS!!!!   Yes, you go, darlin.....Does
that mean you can soon go home????  Oh, I hope so. Once you're home you're sure to
grow fat and sassy..I love you - Aunt Jan (Sooner says he love you too)
Tobias -

Dude (will you even know what dude means by the time you're old enough to read
this?), you're doing awesome!  I got to come see you last week and you were so cute
and perfect.  Keep on keepin' on little man!

Cari and Sara
Lori Walton:
Just read your update, Toby.  Glad to see you're progressing nicely.  Mom and dad are
waiting to hear you in full voice.  Boy, will you show them what a pair of lungs can do
when you get started. Pass the ear plugs!
Hi, Sweetie - I just read the latest from your Mom and Dad. They sound a little dejected
that you don't like your oxygen prongs.  Could you fake it a little and make believe that
you love them??? I know that you're a big, brave boy - you can do this!!!  They really,
REALLY want to take you home to your own bed where they can love on you 24-7.  I love
you....Aunt Jan
Anne Schneider:
Hi Toby.  I'm a friend of your grandmother Peggy and Granddad Milt... and I went hiking
once with your Mom and grandmother in Glacier National Park.  You are really growing
now and will get to go home soon... one of these days, you will be hiking Glacier National
Park, too.  Watch out for the bears!
Your parents are commenting that their reports about your progress are now boring.  We
like to be bored with your good news.  We still check your development and progress on a
daily basis.  Your mom and dad are beginning to be able to hold you more often and for
longer periods of time.  We know that they are so happy to be able to do that and we are
happy for them.  Keep up the great work and we hope to be able to hold you ourselves in
the not so distant future.  
Joe and Kay Beavo
Teresa Hall:
Hi ya Toby!  I just wanted to tell you that we are so happy to see your progress on your
website.  You have some fantastic family kiddo to have taken the time to keep all of us
informed like that!  I'm sure you already know that though.  You hang in there little guy!  I'm
sending you bunches of cyber smoochies!
Jan Earley:
Hi, Sweetie - I just checked your weight chart and it looks like you're not far from goin home
(at least weight-wise).  Keep it up!!!  You know, I just had a thought. How are you going to
feel when you're old enough to read and know that so many folks you haven't met know all
about your early days?  I surely hope you feel loved. You absolutely are and I hope that we
can meet some day.....
Linda Golden:
Toby,  This is your cousin Linda sending you much love.  I'm thrilled to read of your
progress.  Can't wait for the opportunity to meet you in person.  Greetings also to your
mom and dad.  Love, Linda
Steve and Leah McLean:
Hi Baby Toby!  We've been watching your progress via the internet and wow are you
doing well and getting big.  We will be coming to Seattle next week for a conference
and we are hoping to see your parents, and maybe you too!   We'll be in touch with
Mom and Dad regarding the details.  Stay strong little one, you are a champ.
Lots of love :)
The McLean's in Michigan
Cousin Suzanne:
Hey Toby, I love to see a good, strong positive trend in a graph.
Good going on the growing, kiddo! Thanks Jen and Dave! It's great to see that
he's doing so well.
grandpa g.
we love our daily toby fixes. and we are excited to see you in your crib for pesach.
Cousin Sheila:
Grammie and Gramp have been in looking you over and they approve of
your progress!!   Keep it up.  YOu are dooing sooooo well!  We all love you.
Keep it up!
Great Grandma Porter
Hi Toby:

Mom tells me that your doing very good. And that bath today was a great thing
for such a little guy.  One of these days you will get to go home and visit
with Josey.  She is such a nice dog.  I know that the 2 of you will get along
very well.  Be sure to take her representative home with you.
Cousin Suzanne:
Dear Toby...Your 4/4 progress report is super.  Keep up the good work!  Much love,    
Jan Earley:
I've been checking in on you daily, little man and I can't believe
how well you're doing.  You're quite the handsome young man and don't worry
about your clothes not fitting right the rate you're going there's
going to be a major shopping trip...Love is coming your way from Vermont.....
Lisa Godina:
Little Toby:

Though we have never met you have endeared yourself in my heart.  The strength and
determination that you show now makes me wonder what you'll do later in life.

I imagine you all grown up and reading all the messages that have been sent, seeing the
pictures of all that you went through when you were so small.  If you ever wonder what the
big deal of it all is please consider this.  You entered the world much too soon and yet you
survived.  Not without struggles, not without pain, but with love and prayers.

As your mom and dad were so brave to share your story each step of the way, they have
allowed the rest of us to join them in this journey.  We've cried with them through the pain
and we cheered with them at each little step you took.  And now we watch and wait to see
what is in store for you.  But for now Little Toby sleep, eat, and grow knowing that you are
loved even by those you may never meet.

hugs, kisses, and prayers,
Grandma G
Regarding the pix from extubation day.  Definitely a Belyea.
Laura Hertel:
Keep up the good work Toby.  You are just a darling little boy and we love to watch your
progress.  Hi to you Mom and Dad too.
Joe Barker:
Best of luck Toby and I didn't even know Dad was pregnant!
Larry, Sarah, Madison and Christian Barrett:
We are all so impressed with your progress!  We just can't wait for you to keep improving
and make your April Fool's Day joke of going home a reality!  Keep up the fight!
Your Bainbridge Island fan club!