Toby Mail
Scott and Tania Walton:
Looks like the roller coaster ride is smoothing out a little.  Toby is doing incredible.  
Great news about his eyes. You know once they unplug him from all the lines and
tubes you will have no excuse to keep him in the hospital.  You will be taking him
home before you know it.  So exciting.  

Go toby Go!!!
Scott and Tania
Marla Wilcox:
Hi Toby,

Been checking up on you everyday.  Quite a handsome devil you are.  Sounds like you
are keeping dad and mom under control. That will work to your benefit in the months
to come. Moving to your own crib is a very big deal. Keep growing and gaining weight.
Your homecoming will be very special.

I am so happy to here how well you are doing.  

Keep on growing,
Anne Schneider:
Hey big guy!  you are doing just great.  Thinking about you.  Would love to see you and
maybe in a few years you can go hiking with us in Glacier!
Jennifer Essig & family (Jake, Sam & Emily):
Hi toby and family!!!
You don't know me but I am your Mom's cousin. We ahven't seen each other for yrars, but
when I heard about you I had to check out your website! I gather from your eagerness to
srrive that you are destined to be a very advanced boy and you have already shown your
paernts that you will be full of surprises for them!!!! I guess you are also a very strong and
courageous boy and those are traits that will serve you well later in life. The world is a
tough place, Toby, but you have already proven that you are tougher!!!! God Bless you and
your parents!!! You will have many more challenges in the days ahead, but you will all face
them as a family now. That's the most amazing thing of all about you, sweet Tobias; you
made them a family! Someday you will come to see what an amazing and precious thing
that is. I know that because God gave me a precious little boy 6 1/2 years ago and now I
have a family. It is the most precious gift I ever received and the one that changed my life
the most! Just like you will do for your parents! Sure, they will have sleepless nights,
they'll spend all their money on diapers, they'll trip over toys for the next 18 years, they'll
yell, cry, sigh, moan, groan, complain, and love you every minute along the way!!!! I
promise it's true!!! You will be the best gift they ever received!!!! I am so excited for all of
you as you begin your journey as a family!!! God will be watching over you!!!! And your
mom's cousin in Ohio will be praying for you and for your mom and dad!!!!

Blessings to you all!!!!
Jennifer (Belyea) Essig
Kathy Church:
Dear Toby,

I am a friend of your grandpa and grandma Glick and work everyday with your
grandpa.  I met your parents one time when they visited Arizona.  I go to your web
sight every day to watch your progress.  I am so pleased that you are doing well.

Best wishes to you and your parents.
toby i lost your web site for a while and was very happy to see your progress when
i connected with you again. You look very happy when being swaddled and held by
mom and dad AND quite big. 4 pounds is a pretty good weight. Happy to see you  in
a crib and getting off some of those meds.

xxoo you little fighter you.!  Suzanne Brown (your parent's friend)
Ron Poland:
Young man. You have had a very tough start but you seem to be through the worst
of it. Some day your parents will tell you all about it. Be patient with them.
Dear Toby:
We´re so glad to learn daily that you´re getting better and better. We like a lot your crib
and we´re so happy you´re improving so much!!!
Keep up the good work, baby!!!!
love from Venezuela,
katie geminder:

I am a friend of your dad's from Amazon - and we were working on a project together right
before you were born. i check your site everyday to read the news of your progress. I am
so happy to read about all of the growing you are doing and the challenges you have
overcome. you are such a lucky guy -- you have a tremendous number of friends, family
and fans you haven't even met who love you very much. keep up the good work.
Toby- Hang in there, you're making great progress getting bigger every day!!!  We are
all praying for you that you can go home soon.  

-Scott Soderling
Great Grandma Porter
Hi Toby:  

Congratulations because you are doing so well and growing.  Soon you will be out of the
isolette and then you can stretch, reach, and generally not be so confined.  That will be
And your CD tells me a lot about you.  Amongst other things you do have a lot of hair. Your
daddy's hair was lighter than yours but right now you have the most hair. Sorry Dad. There
are so many many people praying for you and we all know that you will grow up to be a very
nice boy and will be able to do a lot of things.
Hey little Toby,

Always have to do things your own way, do you?  Well, keep it up, mini-man, you're
making good progress.  That'll show them!  Pretty soon you'll be running before you can
crawl, refusing to eat pizza and mac and cheeze because you want broccoli, and all
kinds of crazy rebelliousness.  Take care of yourself, little one, and let your parents and
all your new friends give you their good help.  We all know you can do it!
Nick Hart and Ann Bobo:
Congrats on five weeks, little man.
We will have to get a Williams St second generation meeting going.
Chris Wierer:
What fabulous news your Mommy gave us today, Toby. It's getting better every day
now.  Won't be long before you get to go home and then the fun will really begin for
you, Mommy and Daddy.  You'll be running the house before they even know what's
happened.  Prayers and thoughts are with you all the time Toby, to help you grow
stronger every day.  We love you little man and we're so proud of you.
Just checking up on you Toby.  Glad to read that things keep looking up.  
Swaddling a baby seems to have gone by the wayside lately, glad Maggie still
believes in it. It makes you feel warm, cozy and secure doesn't it?

jeremy williams:

Well, it's your five week birthday and from the sounds of it, you're doing great now.  
Happy fifth week birthday! I can't wait to meet you.  Keep eating and drinking.  Say hi
to mom and dad for me....
supriya uchil:
He is so cute and I hope he gets better soon and comes home.
Dear Toby,

Keep on growing, kiddo! Looks like you're in the home stretch now. Pretty soon you'll
be too big for that incubator, off the drugs, and breathing all on your own. You've got a
great team on your side. Go Toby, go!

Debbie & Bob Gitchell:
Hi Toby:  We are so glad that you are getting stronger and more with
this world every day.  Keep up the good work. You are a VERY lucky little boy
to have such good parents and loving grandparents.  We hope we get to meet you
some day soon
Monica Belyea, Steve Smith & Nora Hale:
Go Toby go! You are so brave and making such progress. Your Mommy and Daddy  
must be so proud of you. Nora says ga ga gaa and sends sloppy wide open mouth
kisses to help you grow big. Steve and I send you all of our love. We hope you are able
to spend more time in Mommy's arms soon.
Lori Walton  (Scott's mom):
Keep up the good work Toby. You're a beautiful baby in miniature.  All your parts and
pieces look fine and so much hair on your head!

You've had a rough start, but you look like a fighter.  Your mom and dad are right
there to help you fight the battle.

Mom & Dad,
Attitude is everything and yours should help him a lot.

Chris Wierer:
Well, little man, you've been through a lot in the last couple of days.  New things
happening, new tastes and new feelings.  I know the best is the feeling of your
mommy holding you next to her heart and loving you.  Bet she's softer than daddy is,
but his love is just as big.  If prayers help, then you should be running out of that
hospital pretty soon now.  Keep fighting and know that so many people would take on
that fight for you if they could.  When the time is right, there will be a lot of ladies that
your mommy and grandmother Paula know that would love to give you hugs and
kisses personally.  Maybe some of us will be lucky enought to do just that.  Love you
Go Toby!
Dirk, Kailin, and I are all thinking about you and your parents!  We can't
wait for you to come to Shi Shi with us someday and party on the beach!  Happy
one month birthday!  Sending all our good thoughts for a quick recovery from

Mandy, Dirk, and Kailin
Scott and Tania Walton:
Way to go.  Great news about the PDA repair.  Toby, you are a
handsome little fella.  Good to see you growing so well.

S and T
Dear Ones,  I will try again to get a message through to you. I love you all and think
of you every day.  Love,   Suzanne
Grandma G:
Dear Toby,
It is wonderful that you have crossed several big hurdles just before I'm going off to
visit your east coast cousin, Aunt Laura and Uncle Sandy.  We can all enjoy our many

uncle dave & all the belyeas in Caribou:
We try to look in on you most every day & keep the family & friends updated on your
progress. It has been a rollercoaster ride for you and us too.  It's been so hard to just
sit on the oh so distant sidelines & wait & pray for you to get bigger, stronger & to go
home. Thanks mom & dad for creating and updating this site - what a great idea! We
don't always understand all the medical terms, but the photos tell the story! You will
continue to be foremost in our thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks. Lots of love
from all of us.
Toby -
Congrats on making it through your surgery with flying colors!!  We are so happy for
you and your parents!  We just love the new pictures of the family all together -
especially with your Mom holding you!  Keep getting stronger!

Larry, Sarah, Madison and Christian
Hey lil' man- be strong, like your pops.  Ease up on the morphine and other hard stuff.  
You'll thank me later.  :)  Love Q & Kiwi
Chris Wierer:
Well Toby, the surgeries over and now you will feel better.  How did
it feel to be in mommies arms?  You look very content and so does she.  This is
just the beginning of lots of hugs and kisses from both Mom and Dad.  Take care
of yourself little man.  We continue our prayers for all of you.  Remind mommy
to  give those cute little toes a kiss for me, OK? Right on the bottom
underneath.  When you feel better, that is.  All my love to you.
Nice work Toby!  We knew you'd make it through surgery with flying colors.  Keep on
pluggin' and chuggin'!

BI Fan Club
Go Toby!  Keep up the progress!!


I'm thinking about you and wish you all the best as you go through your
surgery.  Keep on doing well!

Auntie Ellen

Happy one-month birthday!  I am looking forward to meeting you; your pictures are so
very cute.  I wish you and your parents well during today's surgery.  
Good luck,
Patty Weston:
Good luck with the surgery, Toby!
Good luck with your surgery tomorrow Toby!  We'll be thinking about

Cari and Sara
Hi Toby,

We are happy to read about all of your progress.  Keep up the good work and keep
fighting to get big and have a lot of friends in MI who can't wait to meet you.
Love & God Bless,
Tammy, Mike, Grace, & Will Velthoven
My Dear Toby,
I was there when you came into this world and I admitted you to the NICU.  You and your
family have become very special to me over the past month. I can't believe you will be
one month old tomorrow!       
The NICU has been very busy with alot of premature babies, so I have been working alot
of overtime and request especially to take care of you. I even think of you on my days off!
I wanted you to know something special about your quilt, made for you by Quilters
Anonymous.  Your mommy makes beautiful quilts and so did my husband's mother.  When
she passed away in 1999 I gave Quilters Anonymous lots of her material.  I picked out
your quilt for you, #1 because it has some of my mother-in-laws' material in it, and #2
because my husband and I have a boat and go fishing alot, and the theme on our boat is
lighthouses.  So I sure hope you like the quilt I picked out for you.
I love you little Toby.                
Your NICU nurse, Maggie Shepherd RN
Hi Toby,

I love looking at your latest pictures.  I woke up this morning and asked my
mom if I could go on the computer to see your "little house" again.  It looks
really cozy in there.  I hope you get better soon so I can come visit!

Wanted to let you know that we are both thinking of you every day, watching
your progress, and sending all of our good thoughts and prayers to you and your
family. You are a fighter, little guy, and we are pulling for you!

Hang in there!!

Beth & Jon
Hey Toby!  I see you are going under the knife this week - just like
your Daddy who broke his leg and needed to have it screwed together.  If he can
do it, you can do it!  Just keep on beating down these roadblocks!


Your Biggest Bainbridge Island Fan Club!
Madison and Christian:
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Surrogate Aunt Becky:
Toby! you are so CUTE! and your parents are so lucky to have you. I can't wait to meet you;
how 'bout you pencil me in for say the fall? And don't worry about being the slightest bit
yellow; you wear it well.

I have a hunch that when you grow up, you're going to be a doctor.. but not the kind that
helps people.

Tell mom and dad that I said "what up, party people!?"  miss ya.

aunt becky
Liza, Neal, and Alden Roy:
Hi Toby,

Just a quick note to let you know we are cheering for you and hope you keep
growing healthier by the day. Neal wants to see you in the salon with your Mom
to get your haircut someday!
Laura Beth:
Hey Toby, it's great to see you and hear all about you.
Akiramerunai! (never give up!) See you soon.
Hello precious Toby~

I've been following your new life since day one and praying for you every day.

I just know you'll be fine and grow to be a great kid and good man.

God and the Drs. and Nurses are taking excellant care of you and I believe you are as
special to them as you are to Mom, Dad, your Grandmas and Grandpas, and all your
family.  BTW, Toby, not too long from now you will discover that you have a very large
extended family who are following your progress and praying very hard for you.

When you go home with Mom and Dad you will find a wonderful world.  Lots of Cozies,
fluffs, toys, and then there will be sunshine on your precious face.  Warm breezes,
butterflies, and rainbows, soft grass under your little toes, birds, trees, flowers and so
much more.

Your life will full of love, joy, happiness and good health.  There is so much more that is
wonderful in this world for you to discover and I can't wait for you to let us know what
you think of it all.

Your pictures and good progress make my heart sing.
Cousin Suzanne:
My dear little Toby,  I think of you every day, and I love you!
allison roberts, respiratory therapist:
hey toby, haven't seen you for about a week and you look SO MUCH BETTER!!!  i took care
of you a bit during your sickest days early on. your mom and dad were so worried about
you but your pal, nurse maggie, and me told them to hang in there, that we believed you'd
get better and look what happened!  i am so proud of you for being such a strong little
guy and i'm looking forward to watching you grow into health.  you are so lucky cause your
mom and dad love you so much.  i think you will have a good life with lots of fun and
love, allison
Hey Toby!  Great News!!! Keep up the good work.  I am so glad you got to see your mommy
& daddy yesterday.  I am sure that they have been anxious to see your pretty eyes too.  
All of our love
Kathy & Kyle & Ben Snow
marla wilcox:
Hey Toby, Jaye says you can do it.  She did and since she is a friend of your grandpa
Milton, she says you can do anything.
Hey Little T!

We've been checking you out on the web every day and you're super cute!  We're really
impressed at how hard you're working to get home.  From your diary it sounds like you're
kicking some serious tush.  Keep it up!  

Cari and Sara (or Sari if you turn out to take after Dad)

P.S. - Love the sideburns!
Zoe and Matt
We hope that you return home quickly. We have been compassionatly watching your
progress each day, our prayers are with you.
Dear Toby,

You are one impressive and beautiful little boy. I'm so glad you are so well cared for and
doing better. I can't wait until you can visit us and see the animals. I know you'll have to
miss the shearing this year, but the sheep get haircuts annually, so you can see it next

I'm glad you like eating too, because when you're big enough, you can try Aaron's pizza.

Take care little lamb.

Keep on truckin' little man!
Jim and Pat Swan:
Toby, we're delighted to see your fortitude and determination!  They are very good traits
for you now, but just wait until you get to be two years old and then see if your parents
think these are such good traits!  Keep it up!
Un mensaje en español:
Querido Toby:
Te mandamos nuestros mejores deseos para que te mejores rápido y vayas a casa pronto
con tu mami y tu papi.  Dile a mamá que traduzca este mensaje para tí.  Un beso muy grande
de tus amigos venezolanos,
Rocio y Gonzalo
Dani, Trevor, and Jackson Seals:
Dear Toby,

My boys and I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you.  I have so much love
in my heart for you as a mom of two preemies.  My boys have been home a little over a
month, and they sure do understand what you are going through.  Hang in there little guy.  
Soon you will be in your Mommy's arms and you will never have to leave again.  Stay

All Our Love,

The Seals Family
Hey, Budly - I'm lovin the pic of the flip side. It sounds like you're doing great and I know
you'll continue to do well!!!...Love ya,Aunt (or is that Grammy) Jan
My thoughts and prayers are with you, your mom and your dad. You are quite a wonderful
bundle of joy. Jackie Card
Hi there sweet little one.  Keep up the hard work and keep getting bigger and stronger!  
Each day is a day closer to getting better and going home.   We are all rooting for you
every single day.  You have the sweetest little fingers and toes.  I can't wait to see more
pictures.  Seems to me you look a lot like your uncle Ryan.  
We all love you very much little guy.  
Kathy (Belyea) Snow
We are two friends who live very very far away from you. However, we are thinking about
you all the time wishing that you get well, so we can visit you at home some day soon.
We send you a kiss and a hug for you to get better and better everyday.  Love from a
beautiful and tropical country called Venezuela,
Rocio & Gonzalo
Hey Toby,

When you were in your Mom's tummy I use to ask her how the "bean" was doing (you looked
a lot like a bean in the ultrasound). Now that you are out, we are all waiting for you to
"sprout" so keep working at getting big and strong.  There are so many things for you to do
and see (it's a big world out there!).  Your Mommy and Daddy are anxious to take you home
and there are lots of chores to be done - the first of which will be to keep Josey from
eatting the butter! I can't wait to meet you little bean sprout. Wishing you all the best. - Vix.
Toby, you have very special parents who are waiting to hold you and
hug you. So keep getting better.

Grandpa Glick (that really sounds funny)
and a large extended family who are all rooting for you.

Jan Earley:
Rise and shine, little guy....Time to wake up!. You've got a lot of smiley faces waiting for
Ellen Ratajak:
Hi Toby,

I'm thinking about you a lot and wishing you the strength to grow strong and healthy.

Auntie Ellen
Hi little boy.  Lots of times every day I look at your picture and I smile a big smile.  I know you
are going to get all better but I'm sad that you have to work so hard.  Your mommy and daddy
will be so happy when you can go home and Josey will wag her tail.  And I will be so happy
when I can visit and rock you in the new rocking chair.  Keep up the good work, little boy.  
What the doctors can't do for you, God will.

Love, Grandma B.

P.S.  When G. Grandma Porter sends you a red waggon, I'll give you a little white fluffy
doggie to put in it.
Ryan Belyea:
Hey Toby,
Keep getting stronger.  We are all pulling for you.  Annelyse and I check your site every day
and she is learning your name.  By the way her favorite letters are H, W and M and she
thought she would share some with you.  Keep going Toby!
Joe and I check in on you at least twice each day on the website.   We keep you in our
thoughts and prayers often.  You are quite the fighter.  Keep up the hard work.  We look so
forward to getting to visit with you and hold you when you can come out of your little home
and into the big wide world.  Your parents are special people and you are a lucky little boy to
belong to them.
Love you,
Kay and Joe
Lynn Barrett (Larry's Mom):
Larry sent me your site for Toby. he looks pretty big for being so early!  We hope and pray
he will continue to  do well. Thank God for modern medicine!  We think about you two
often, too! Every day is a challenge with these little ones. Go, Toby, GO!!!! Lynn Barrett
Sunil Laxman:
Hang in there Toby! You've got us fans rooting for you.....
Christian Barrett:
Come on Toby hurry up and get better,  I need someone to throw the football with!  My
sister is "ok" but I need someone who likes to tackle first and then takes the flag from
the belt.  BTW, I hear you are suckin' down the O-two faster than John Riggins after a 4th
quarter, 20-yard, knock down drag-out, "bringing a couple of defensive backs with you
over the line" touch down run.  Don't be self conscious - you are just practicing for game

Keep on growing!
Annelyse Belyea:  
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Great Grandma Porter
Hi little Toby:

You hang in there and g-grandma knows that you will be just fine.  I have seen a few
pictures of you and I think you look a little like your Dad. (Sorry, Mom)

Your early arrival has been a struggle for everyone.  Even Grandma G. had to rest up
when she got home.

Hang in there and when you are big enough I will send you a little red wagon.
Chris Wierer:
Keep up the fight little Toby.  You've got so many people praying for you and a mommy and
daddy that can't wait to get you home.  You are so beautiful and truly a gift from God
I am a friend of your grandparents, Peggy and Milton Glick and I have been watching your
progress the past few days . Toby, you are a fighter par excellance. You may be a
banterweight but you have so many fans rooting and praying for you that  you will be a
lightweight in no time. Just keep up the good work, you handsome man ,you.

xxoo Suzanne Brown
Soft as the voice of an Angel,
Breathing a lesson unheard,
Hope with a gentle persuasion
Whispers her comforting word:
Wait till the darkness is over,
Wait till the tempest is done,
Hope for the sunshine tomorrow,
After the shower is gone.

All the best to you, Toby.

Pamela Staveley
Hi Toby-

Greetings from Saint Paul, MN. Keep hanging in there and getting stronger-we are
thinking good thoughts for you and Mom and Dad.

Peter & Nancy Heege (Ben's mom and dad)
Hey Kid! We are praying for you here in Illinois and we know before too long you'll be
chasing Josey all over the place and your Mom and Dad will be chasing you both.
Love, Auntie Diane
Hi little guy...

Did you know you share a birthday with Ben?  We think that's a fine sign for your future
prospects... :-)

We are thinking of you a lot and wish you all the best.

Lots of love,
Ben & Shari
We are pulling for you!  Hang in there young fellow and things will get alot better as you go
along!  You will be in our prayers.
Jim and Pat
name = David Glick
comments = Good luck, Toby!
Hey Kid -

I check on you every day and wonder at your strength and endurance.  You're in God's
hands, darlin, and I can't wait for the stories your Mom and Dad will tell about your terrible
twos or your first driving experience..

I love you - Aunt Jan
name = Diane Wilcox
Hi Toby,
I am your antie di.  Why di?  Because I don't talk much and like to be in the background.  But
know that I loved you just from your first pictures.  You are doing so good trying to get better
and strong so your mom and dad can hold and kiss you.  Your diary keeps us close and
someday you will have it to see how many friends you have even at a day old.  Our Lord is
holding you close to help you get strong and not only are you special to him but also to all of
God Bless Toby
With all my love