Okay, Elijah did not have as stormy a beginning to his life as
Toby did.  But he does have a story.  Elijah was only a NICU
baby in utero.  Because we made it to 35 weeks with him, he
didn't need the services of the NICU at all.  Yay!

The pregnancy was high risk both because of my IDDM and
history of prematurity with Toby.  Managing my care was a full
time job in itself, with a crazy number of doctor's appointments
and hormone injections.  I thought it was all overly precautious
and we would all have a good laugh later about how worried
we were about nothing.  Turns out the laugh was on me when I
was bedrested at 28 weeks, and started dilating at 30 weeks.  
But because the clinic caught it early and got me on
nifedapine, we made it another month.  

Let's hope that's all the scary drama we have with him!