Toby's Moments
2/16  Toby is born.  He weighs 2 lbs, 7 oz.  That's
1105g to us metric folks.  He is on a ventilator but

2/23.  Toby starts declining rapidly

2/24.  Toby has pneumonia.  Is put on Hi-Fi,
pavulon, nitric oxide.

3/3.  Toby is taken off the hi-fi and moved to
conventional respirator.

3/6.  New (bigger) vent tube.

3/8.  First feeding

3/9.  Off Pavulon!

3/12.  Toby stops eating.  PDA is wide open.

3/16.  Toby is one month old.  He is off nitric oxide
and gets his PDA ligated.  Mom gets to hold him for
the first time.

3/18.  Toby is eating again

3/24.  Toby is 4 lbs!

3/25.  Toby moves to a crib.  Dad gets to hold him
for the first time.

3/31.  Toby is extubated and put on CPAP

4/4.  First bath

4/12.  Toby is 2 months old.

4/14.  Toby's first time at kangaroo care

4/15.  First bottle

4/17.  Toby is 5 lbs!

4/20.  Off CPAP and onto regular oxygen

4/25.  Toby graduates to newborn plus status.

4/27.  Off morphine

4/29.  Learns to breastfeed.

5/1.  Toby is 6 lbs!

5/8.  Toby is 7 lbs!

5/10.  Toby is 3 months old.

5/23.  Toby is 8 lbs!

5/26.  Toby goes to Childrens'

5/28.  Toby has surgery on his airway.

6/7.  Toby is 4 months old.

6/10.  Toby is 9 pounds!

6/11.  Toby has surgery on his stomach and hernias.

6/18.  Toby's starts feeding through his G-tube

6/23.  Toby goes HOME. yea!

6/30.  Toby is 10 lbs!  He meets his pediatrician, Dr.
Fillipo, for the first time.

7/14.  Toby is 11 lbs!